Saturday, 1 November 2014

November Issue: Floral Autumn ⚘⚘⚘

Original picture: Elle Magazine Australia with Miranda Kerr

Dear Reader,

The Fashion Month, that took place in September, was covered with flowers. Abundant amounts pouring out of gowns, especially. One of the most splendid catwalks was Oscar de la Renta's, who, sadly, passed away recently; A post will be dedicated to him. Furthermore, we'll explore how the perception of flowers by artists has changed over the centuries. And, finally, you will discover a few hairstyles which will go from delicate flowers pinned to flamboyant autumnal crowns. So leaf your problems behind and have a good read! (What a punny one!)


1. In Memory of Oscar de la Renta
(November 7th)

2. From Catwalk to Street: Floral Hairstyles
(November 14th)

3. Flowers in Art
(November 21st)

4. Autumn Crowns
(November 28th)

- S.


  1. Flowers never get old. I was just realizing that Miranda Kerr wasn't in this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It's nice to see her here!


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    2. Yes indeed! And it's particularly interesting to find them in Autumn! xx