Sunday, 14 September 2014



I've embarked on a new journey, which is this blog. My previous blog, The Butterfly Effect, didn't keep me satisfied and didn't represent me fully. Hence the new blog, new template, new ideas - new everything! 
In fashion, what really interests me is not my style, but the talent others have. Same goes for art. I prefer writing about something I love, than about myself. This is why I've debuted something new with Rien de Rien

Each month, I shall announce a theme. Every seven days, I will publish an article/photoshoot pictures/scrapbook page. You will be able to discover weekly a new page to my online magazine and comment your feedback. 

If you've observed, I've prepared a little poll, where you can vote for your favourite theme for the November Issue. The theme for October is already sealed in an envelope.

So I give you a rendez-vous for October 1st!


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