Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Podium of Crazy

This week we turned our attention to the people who stepped out of the monotonous black and white outfits and dared a few bold colours or a bizarre cut. It was very hard to choose but at the end we found three superb ladies that had done the job, in a nevertheless chic way. 

In third place is Miroslava Duma (love her name). She's rocking a very trendy torsade chick-yellow jumper. This thick knit contrasts, touch-wise, with her crepe pair of pants and velvet chunky heels. The mix of these bold colours (bordeaux and yellow), as well as the diversity of the textures in her outfit, is very daring.

Coming second, even though it didn't involve an exotic splash of colours, is Emma Watson. I feel like she's been doing everything correctly lately. Her Dior Haute Couture dress is certainly black and white, but the cut fits her perfectly and is very adventurous. The hair and makeup is very simple, which brings more attention to the dress. Note the cute stilettos, too (*slightly jealous*).

Stealing the first place is Araya Alberta Hargate in a whimsical Prada coat. Her outfit is the perfect balance of sporty and elegant. The colours of her outfit are very well assembled and there is a diversity in her outfit, which makes it resplendent and original. Bravo!

- S.


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